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Announcing: Sanatorium

It’s a huge honour to to announce that my favourite indie publisher Penned in the Margins have signed my debut collection Sanatorium, for publication in Spring 2020:


A young woman spends a month taking the waters at a thermal water based rehabilitation facility in Budapest (an ‘institution-deluxe’). On her return to London, she attempts to continue her recovery using an £80 inflatable blue Korean bathtub. The tub becomes a metaphor for the intrusion of disability: a trip-hazard, sat in the middle of an unsuitable room, slowly deflating & in constant danger of falling apart.

Moving between these spaces - bathtub to thermal pool, land to water, day to night - the text braids fragments of reportage, poetry, and found and posed image, to form an immersive exploration of the female disabled body. Themes of identity, displacement and deserving are examined. In the space between gravity and weightlessness, waking life and out-of-body experience, readers are invited to question if water is a means for rehabilitation, or if their narrator is simply dissolving.

Sanatorium is the outcome of a 10 Month R&D project, funded by Arts Council England.


Make-a-Zine Workshop (for 21st Century Punks)

At Saboteur Awards Festival,

Theatre Delicatessen, Broadgate

13.00-17.00 | Downstairs Cafe
A free drop-in workshop

A workshop about making zines in the 21st century! Marvel at some classic zines, and consider how modern technology has changed zine culture. Build your very own lo-fi/hi-fi masterpiece to take home, and share your work with 21st century zinesters all over the world.

The first hour will be an introduction session, but you can drop in throughout the day to add to a group zine, or make your own creation.

sab awards.png

This year I was asked to help the Saboteur Awards develop their accessibility options for a day-long literature festival, and ceremony at Theatre Delicatessen, Broadgate. A key question I keep coming back to in my research is what "accessibility" means. Questions and concerns vary so much from body to body: to one person, the weight of a door in an otherwise step-free space may be a frustrating obstacle that has a huge impact on their day. Many people discover far too late that the 'accessible' toilet doesn't actually have capacity for a hoist or changing mat, or even a large wheelchair. This is before we even begin to explore the relative inacessibility of most venues with regards to hearing loops, BSL, or image/audio description. 

It's a long process, and we know that we're not going to get it 100% right for everyone first time. But information is key: in this guide we've tried to cover as many questions as we possibly can. It's a growing creature, but we'd love to get it right. 

If you're planning an event and would like some assistance in developing accessibility, feel free to contact me!


New workshop at the Poetry School!

Writing from the Body: Physical Interaction and Multisensory Intrusions

Face-To-Face Course

The workshop uses the concept of literary ‘intrusion’ as a jumping-off point to explore and create multisensory literary experiments. Participants will explore & discuss how physical / sensory experience can shape and alter how we perceive language, and how we can harness physical experience, limitations and intrusions to manipulate and transform a text. A key theme will be how our own physical experience impacts how we use a text. Taking references primarily from contemporary D/deaf & disabled poets and performers, each week we will focus on a different sensory function (eg. touch, sound, taste, etc…). We will examine & discuss pre-existing multisensory poetry techniques & interventions, whilst working towards developing our own multisensory literary creations.

Starts 21 June. 5 weekly sessions, 6.45pm – 8.45pm on Thursdays.


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